What is your JOINTstatus?

Ordering a Test

JOINTstat® is a standard laboratory test.

Similar to other laboratory tests, a sample of blood is drawn in a tube and analysed by the lab.

Similar to how common laboratory tests are performed, JOINTstat® involves the collection of a blood sample in a tube that is tested in a laboratory for the quantification of the 14-3-3η protein. Test results are reported to the ordering doctor for interpretation, alongside a clinical assessment.

Where is JOINTstat® or 14-3-3eta ELISA available?


JOINTstat testing is available across Canada through Dynacare:

Ontario and Quebec – For sample collection, please go to the nearest Dynacare Laboratory & Health Services Centre. For a list of locations and hours, go to Dynacare.ca or call 1-888-988-1888.

All Other Provinces – Please contact Dynacare’s National Specialty Support Team at 1-888-988-1888 to book an appointment in a collection centre near you.

Europe and Other Regions

To access JOINTstat in Europe and other countries please email info@augurex.com

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