What is your JOINTstatus?

Scientific & Clinical Data

JOINTstat® (14-3-3η) ELISA is indicated for use in conjunction with other serological and clinical assessments for the diagnosis of RA

Several studies have been conducted to describe the clinical significance of 14-3-3η levels along the continuum of care from pre-RA and diagnosis to prognosis and monitoring.

Early RA and Arthralgia

14-3-3η expression precedes an RA diagnosis by at least 5 years and is present in the earliest stages of RA.
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Joint Damage Risk

A 14-3-3η positive test and levels above 0.4 ng/ml are associated with higher risk of joint damage progression, in early and established RA.
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Changes in 14-3-3η Blood Levels

14-3-3η blood levels change along the course of the disease and treatment, corresponding with changes in clinical status.
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