What is your JOINTstatus?

What is JOINTstat®

JOINTstat® is a blood test used for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

14-3-3η protein, which is involved in the joint damage process and elevated in early RA,
is measured by the JOINTstat® blood test.

When the JOINTstat® test is used together with other standard laboratory tests like rheumatoid factor (RF) and anti-cyclic citrullinated protein (anti-CCP also known as ACPA) it complements your doctor’s clinical assessment to get a biochemical view of what is going on in your body.

The 14-3-3η protein, measured by JOINTstat®, is not normally present in the blood of healthy individuals. 96% of healthy people tested do not have detectable levels in blood. In the healthy state, 14-3-3η is present only inside of cells where it is involved in important normal biological processes. In patients with RA, through a disease-driven process, 14-3-3η is pushed outside the cells where it causes harmful effects and where it is measurable in blood. In particular, 14-3-3η stimulates the production of factors that cause inflammation and joint destruction.

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